Is Samacheer Kalvi the right choice for your child?

Samacheer kalvi Syllabus: New admissions are fast approaching and you are still confused as to which board of education you should select for your child. Education is not just what your child is going to learn through the books, but also how he or she will be taught at the school. In Tamil Nadu, there are multiple boards of education to choose from. So how do you choose what is best for your child?

In today’s discussion, we are going to help you choose the right board of education for your child. Before making any decision regarding your child’s future, we encourage you to read this article thoroughly so you are better able to make the right decision. 

The Problem:

In today’s world, there is so much “choice” for everything. No matter if you are trying to buy a car, book, smartphone or making a really important decision such as selecting the right board of education for your child, you will be haunted by the amount of choices available. In just 2016 alone, the number of schools in India had increased to a gigantic 1.5 Million. Likewise, the boards of education available are many. Some of the prominent ones are as follows:

  • Samacheer Kalvi
  • CBSE
  • NIOS
  • IB

How to start evaluating boards of education?

One of the prominent boards of education—if you are living in Tamil Nadu—is Samacheer Kalvi. We will continue our discussion with its example. Samacheer Kalvi is focused on reducing the usual work load on students by decreasing the amount of paperwork, usual way of teaching the students and increasing the thought process in students. In Samacheer kalvi, students are awarded even when they don’t know the right answer but are willing to come ahead with an “answer” This type of rewarded interaction encourages the students to speak for themselves and develop a confident personality. 

What do you want your child to learn?

Before selecting the right school and board of education for your child, you need to make sure that you are clear about the goals you want your child to achieve. It is not just about the quality of education. You need to make sure that your child is comfortable with the school and mode of education as well. Including Samacheer Kalvi, there are other boards available as well that provides high quality education but often over-stresses students as well. 

Managing Stress without losing interest

While handling and managing stress is an integral part of an adult life which your child surely is going to handle at some point, some schools often over-stress students in a way that they lose interest in their learning. Samacheer Kalvi, in this manner, is known to be a relief for students as it has been acclaimed by students to be less stressing compared to other boards. Make sure that you explain the different levels of education, activities and methods to your child before enrolling him or her into a school. 


Just like everything else, when you select a board of education such as Samacheer kalvi, CBSE, CISCE or any other, you are trading-off some features and advantages. There is no “Perfect” board of education available. Every board has some pros and cons. You have to decide the best pros for your child and compromise on others. But make sure that the advantages you think best for your child are perfectly aligned with your child’s aptitude as well.