Samacheer Kalvi: Everything about the State’s Board of Education

Living in Tamil-Nadu, when the time comes for you to choose an efficient, proactive and affordable board of education, there are several options at hand. Samacheer Kalvi, the State controlled board of education, is one of them.

A whole system:

Samacheer Kalvi is not just a board of education but a whole system of education being offered to millions of students every year. Every year, hundreds of thousands of parents choose Samacheer Kalvi Books and eBooks over every other board of education for their child’s future. 

Unified Education for everyone:

Samacheer Kalvi’s board of education provides education to students ranging from class one to twelve. It was introduced by the DMK Government as the way of unifying Tamil Nadu’s school systems. This uniform education system parts away with the divisions created by multiple levels of education boards and offers the same high-quality education to each and every student. 

The need of Samacheer Kalvi:

Tamil Nadu had over 45,000 Schools (operated by the State), multiple oriental Schools, Anglo-Indian Schools and thousands of other schools that had their own syllabus and educational criteria. The need of time was to bring all the schools under one unified system so there could be a check-and-balance and a coalesce system for every student. The DMK Government thus introduced Samacheer kalvi as the optimum solution to fill the voids created in the education system.

The Hesitation:

While the Tamil-Nadu Government successfully introduced and implemented the idea of a unified education system under the name of “Samacheer Kalvi” Parents, schools and the teachers were confused as to which syllabus they should really adopt. Many schools decided to adopt other boards of education such as CBSE. In short, the sudden implementation of Samacheer kalvi books left a huge void for the time being among the stake holders.

What are the advantages of Samacheer kalvi?

In other words, why should the parents choose Samacheer Kalvi for their children? Why should schools adopt a system that is often referred to as a “political move”? To answer these queries, we need to discuss the benefits of adopting Samacheer kalvi books for students in Tamil-Nadu.

  • Earlier, the division between urban and rural students was significant. With the inception of “Samacheer Kalvi” that division has been parted.
  • Before Samacheer Kalvi, some of the schools were trying to commercialize education—turning it into a business. With the state directly behind Samacheer Kalvi, the commercialization has been controlled to a great extent. 
  • Did you know that after “Samacheer Kalvi” the dropout rates among students have been greatly reduced?
  • Tamil has been made compulsory.
  • The teachers and schools now have to provide equal education to every student without any kind of partiality.


Now that we have discussed all the salient features of the unified, state-controlled board of education, you can conveniently choose the best education for your child. If you want your child to have the same level, quality and progressive education as others, you can choose Samacheer Kalvi as it helps you develop your child into a successful individual.