Top 4 Benefits of Samacheer Kalvi (And why we need it)

Getting equality everywhere is not possible. Various systems today have defined some specific norms due to which equality seems a far-fledged idea. Be it a job, business or education, there is an on-going struggle to bring equality in. It was altogether more prevalent in education until the State-provided “Samacheer Kalvi” was imtroduced.

What is Samacheer Kalvi Books and system?

Samacheer Kalvi was introduced by the Tamil Nadu State as a solution to provide unified education to every student. Samacheer Kalvi way of education parts away with the differentiations, bias, and partialities created by the different schools and boards of education. Since its inception in 1970, Samacheer Kalvi has been adopted by thousands of schools and hundreds of thousands of students have been enrolled and graduated.

What level of education does Smaacheer Kalvi offer?

Samacheer kalvi is designed to provide education to students ranging from class 1 to class 12. The board has printed over 9 crore books so far with the same course material throughout. This way, an international student enrolled in Samacheer Kalvi is taught the same material as a student studying in a rural area.

4 Benefits of Samacheer Kalvi:

Now that we understand what Samacheer Kalvi is and how it operates, let us discover what benefits it actually offers to the students at practical level.

Unified form of education:

As discussed earlier, there are—ironically—some differentiations, partialities and standards created against the education being provided to the students. These standards mainly focus upon:

  • Financial Status
  • Background (Rural or Urban)
  • Religion
  • Aptitude
  • Previous Education

However, Samacheer Kalvi ensures that every student gets the same quality of education without considering any of the factors mentioned above. 

Less Commercialization

Unfortunately, schools have turned education into a business. Most of the educational activities carried by these kind of schools are being criticized for being “revenue-generating” tricks. Most parents are tired of these unnecessary activities said to be enhancing the “confidence” of their child. 

With the inception of Samacheer Kalvi, the commercialization of education has been greatly controlled. The reason being the direct involvement of the State. Samacheer Kalvi has its own merits of evaluating every student and therefore, it DE commercializes the current way of schooling.

Less Stress, More Creativity

Most boards of education as well as the schools are in a race to over-burden their students with enormous amounts of home work so as to magnify their reputation as a highly competitive school or board. 

This does more harm to the mental creativity of a student as the student bears more than he or she should. This can lead to long-term damages as well as lack of confidence, creativity and though-process in the student. 

Samacheer Kalvi reduces the stress on students by encouraging more focus on developing the thinking skills of students rather than over-burdening them with homework and assignments. 

New Methodologies

It is high time that we bid farewell to the old methods of teaching and provide our children with the advanced teaching methodologies that are prevalent all around the globe. India is a fast-growing economy.

If we want our students to contribute in this economy, we have to prepare them for a better future by equipping them with the right tools. These tools can only be provided when the teachers themselves are equipped with the right knowledge.

Samacheer Kalvi ensures this by fusing old methodologies with advanced ones. Such as if your child is willing to speak in the class—regardless of the accuracy of his or her answer—he or she will be rewarded just for the sake of willingness to come ahead. These type of attributes will develop the right skills for our children.